Sunday, May 31, 2009

We're being invaded by Aliens!!!

You know how its fun to find shapes in the clouds? This is what I saw as we were driving the final few blocks home from our Seattle Trip (which I'll try to post about soon). I"m glad we had our camera, because I thought this was a great picture to get.

What looks like the eyes, and mouth are just smaller clouds, in a lower layer. I'm not a meterologist, so I don't know their names. Anyway, Beware... the Aliens are watching us!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ask me again at the end of the summer...

The Travel-Bug has striked again. Derek and I get an itch to go traveling every few months, whether its a big trip, or a weekend getaway. Maybe its because we rarely have the same day off, and never more than one day. And our schedules are so opposite I work nights, he works evenings. The only way we have a few days off together, is because we've schedule that time off. Well, we haven't done anything since last fall when we went on our roadtrip, but over the next month and a half we're making up for it...

This weekend we're going to Seattle for a few days. We always enjoy going there, and one of the fun things we're doing is going on a self-guided "Food Tour". We had talked about joining an official one, but they had places we wouldn't eat at, such as coffee spots, and wine tasting. So we decided we'd compile our own (with ideas unknowingly supplied by their website). What's not to like about going around Pike's Place Market and sampling great eats? Other than that we're going around and hitting our favorite spots. I'll try to take lots of pictures.

Then the end of June we're headed down to Utah for a Weber Family Reunion over the weekend. This is the first year in who knows how long that all the siblings, and spouses (and kids) will be there. It will be a complete reunion complete with our parents, 10 kids and 8 spouses, 1 girlfriend, and 24.5 grandkids (Shaina's bun in the oven...) It will be totally chaotic but lots of fun.

Then, last of all Derek and I decided to go on another Cruise to celebrate our 4th Anniversary. We're going on the Carnival Cruise line, to the Bahamas and Key West. It's going to be so much fun, I've been wanting to go again since our first one. We're definately going to become those people that have been on like 20 cruises by the time we're in our 50's. I keep imaging how it will feel to be back on a Caribbean beach with Derek, soaking up the sun. As you can see I tried to put up a widget, but it was meant for myspace. Even though its just half a widget i liked it better than the plain clock blogger ones I've seen.

Anyway, its going to be a super busy next couple months, with work, YW, Trips, (and working out to look decent in a bathing suit!) but it's all going to be so much fun!!! Woot, Woot!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Can you Top that!

Just a funny picture I found the other day. There was a time when my brother, Ian wore big furry hats, and we all borrowed them, so the next Christmas I remember getting one from mom. Here are all the girls, but Kim. Obviously we scrambled to find enough hats, as my mom is wearing a scarf quickly wrapped around her head. I love my family!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My how she's grown!

I was browsing through some pictures that my sister Shaina had uploaded from my mom's picture horde. We used to not be able to touch the chest that had all of our pictures in it, as my mom didnt' want them lost, or taken, or put out of order. Well, since it was off limits, browsing through the pictures when mom wasn't looking became the thing to do. Especially looking for pictures you were in. One thing my mom had done was a school picture of all the kids each year. I'm sure it was quite a cost to get yearly pictures, for 10 kids, but I'm so glad she did because it is alot of fun to look at yourself and siblings through the years. We went even before we were in school. My sister spent the time uploading alot of pictures so they could be preserved, and a few Christmas' ago she gave us all a power point presentation of old family pictures, and the rest on a disc. It's been really great to have. I hope we can get the rest onto disc format so they can be preserved. Anyway, here are my school pictures, though I think there might be a year or two missing. Hope you enjoy the seeing the process of me growing up (please excuse the awkward years.... we all go through them!)

My Senior picture... taken by my dad: Simply Photography

Another picture taken by my dad, as part of his photography business, in Manito Park. This was done instead of at school.

I don't think I knew it was school pictures day in this one.

Love the side bangs...

I hadn't grown into my front teeth yet...

Snaggle tooth :)

Oh man, I think this picture is so typical for an 80's picture: The experimentation with the double image, and of course, bangs that never stop.

I think this might be my favorite.

The original coloring was awful in this picture. It looked like the picture was dropped in carrot juice. Or that my blanket, and I were both extremely jaundiced. It is so much better in black & white. I must have been stressed in this picture. I'm so glad for the advancements of picture clarity!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shavonne Wood... or Molly Ringwald?

My sister Kim used to tell me all the time growing up that I looked like Molly Ringwald. Often I would get that from other people too. I think she's a beautiful actess, and especially love her in Sixteen candles, so I always liked it when people said that. But, its been awhile since someone has likened me to her... until just last week. A patient I had told me that I reminded her of Molly Ringwald, but the funny thing was that she was like 20. Not the age I would've expected to be knowledgeable about her. But now that I'm typing this I'm wondering if it was the older version she is talking about...hmm, I hope not!
A funny memory I have is when Kim and I went to Disneyland about 6 years ago she came up with the idea to try to pretend I was the real Molly and to come running up to me like a huge fan wanting an autograph to see if anyone else would believe it. Well, we walked about 30 feet away from each other, then she started running towards me yelling, "Molly?! Molly Ringwald?! Is that really you?" I couldn't help it, I started laughing really hard and ruined the whole master plan. Everytime I think of that, I can't help smiling.
Anyway, here is an ode to Molly Ringwald, who I may have once looked like her, and the Trailer for Sixteen Candles

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Donut..think you can eat just one!

I made some donuts today and thought I'd share this totally awesome recipe of homemade donuts I got from my sister Kim. I got this recipe from her like 9 years ago, and it has ruined most store donuts for me, but that's ok. They're worth it. Here are some pictures, and then the recipe. Thanks again Kim!
I dont' know why but some of the pictures uploaded sideways despite my attempt to right them...sorry.

I use a glass cup, and a pill bottle to make the shapes. I like to have the donut holes too.

All ready to be fried!

Yumm-O. I like the glazed ones the most, but also like the cinnamon sugar. My sister also makes them with chocolate frosting and nuts. It's good anyway you like it! I make mine in a bread machine, which is the best way, in my opinion, but if you don't have one, then mix and rise in the usual fashion for making bread dough.


¾ cup milk
½ cup hot water
1 egg
3 ½ cups flour
¼ cup sugar
4 tablespoons butter
1 teaspoon salt
3 teaspoons yeast

Place all ingredients into bread machine, on dough setting. When dough is finished rising place on floured surface. Heat oil in a pan to fry donuts. While oil is heating roll dough out on lightly floured surface and cut donuts into whatever desired shape. Fry donuts in oil until lightly browned. Coat in cinnamon-sugar mixture, glaze, chocolate, powdered sugar, etc.
Heat 2 tablespoons milk and 2 tablespoons butter together. Add 1 teaspoon vanilla and powdered sugar until reaches desired consistency.