Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween costume

I came across this picture a few months ago and thought it was the cutest thing, so I decided I would try to make this for Sam for Halloween. I looked and couldn't find a pattern, so all I had to go off of was the picture. (disclaimer: This a very cute baby, I don't know who it is, so I hope they don't get mad that I put their baby on my blog).

This is the results. I made most of it before he was born and it was hard to guessitmate the size so it turned out a little big still for Samuel, but I think I did a good job reproducing the candy corn outfit. I think he is so cute!! Now I can't wait for our Ward's Chili feed/Trunk or treat night to show him off :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Sunday...

Well, acutally I mean the first Sunday at Church. We don't have any suits or many other clothes that fit him yet, but we had this onsie with a tie on it. He is dressed a little casual for church with the jeans, but his heart is in the right place ;) Unfortunately, he only had this on for about an hour covered up by a blanket, before he had a major diaper blow-out and had to be changed. Fortunately, I had some pajamas in the diaper bag otherwise he would've been in just his diaper!
Otherwise he did great during church: didn't fuss any, and was very calm and just looked around for the most part. I navigated the whole feeding thing out in public for the first time and got inducted into a new club: the mother's lounge club. I have to say that I like this new social hang out spot! We have alot of nursing babies in the ward at this time and I talked to many sisters that I've wanted to get to know but somehow never find the chance to talk to them before... its because they're in the mother's lounge! haha
Anyway it was good to go to church again, feel the Spirit and fellowship with other people. I have been a big homebodie and its nice to start being more active. I can drive again, and I have been taking walks every day and feeling great!

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Delivery: Part 1

Here is the story of Samuel Robert Wood's birth:
This little baby boy had been in breech position (butt down) pretty much from 28 weeks on, so I was having my doubts if he would be able to be turned. Around 36 weeks we had an ultrasound to verify his position, and he was indeed breech. We were referred by our Midwives to see an Obstetrician to talk about out options. We chose to see a Dr Silverstein. She is one of the OB's that I work with on a regular basis at the hospital, so I was very confident in her abilities and judgement. She evaluated my baby, uterus, and reviewed my history and deteremined that an External Cephalic Version (trying to turn him manually by pushing on him from the outside) wouldn't be an option in my case. Sooo, we scheduled a cesarean section to be done 2 weeks later. I asked for it to be done in the evening, so it could be done by my night shift co-workers and she was fine with that. So, we had the date set for Thursday, 9/22/11 at 7:30 pm but only told our families. We still wanted to suprise people with the birth. It was actually nice to have the date set, so we could get everything done beforehand, and that last two weeks went by really fast! It was so exciting to think that we would be having him soon!
So, this is me just before we are going to head over to the hospital to have our baby. I was 38 4/7 days along, and measured about 46 1/2 inches around, and had gained about 25 pounds.

At the hospital I had so many well wishes from my co-workers, day and night shift. I felt so cared for. Zibby was my check in nurse and got me all ready (Oh, I should have gotten a picture with her!) and then Jackie took over because it was scheduled for just after change of shift happens. I really have fabulous people that I work with!!
Us, just before getting wheeled to the OR.
This is Lauren, one of my midwives. She came to be there for the birth.
The handsome Papa waiting to be called back.
Here is a great shot of the surgical team. On the left side is my good friend Erika, in the middle is Mimi, and on the right is Dr Silverstein. Erika and Mimi are fabulous Surgical Techs! This shot is just as they are entering my uterus and had just punctured the bag of waters.

It's a Boy at 7:43 pm!

This was them holding him up for me to see. He was way cuter than I ever imagined!

Derek cutting the cord... or "trimming" it, I should say.
7 lbs, 11 oz
19 1/4 Inches long
Apgars 9, 9

My first moments holding him and touching him... It still maks me cry when I look at these pictures and think about that moment. I already loved him before he was born, but it is still amazing how bottomless the love is I feel for him. It started the instant he started to cry, before he was all the way out of me, to feeling his weight on me, right as they pulled him out, to first seeing him under the warmer and then being able to touch him finally. I feel so honored and humbled to be this little boy's mother.

The Delivery: Part 2

While they finish with my surgery the NICU nurses usually take the baby to the transitional nursery for some vital signs and observation. They have dad carry him and go out the main hallway so that any family that is waiting can see him. Then they put him under the warmer and do their assessment. Derek got LOTS of pictures while waiting for me.
Sucking on dad's finger. He was wanting to eat!

After 45 minutes or so, I was back in recovery. I was a little groggy for the first 15 minutes or so, but then I was awake enough that they asked if I was ready for him... Of Course!! Jackie, our nurse was so great and gave us some time together with just the three of us for some bonding time. After a little bit, we let the others in. They hadn't had a chance to touch or hold him yet.
Here's Grandma and Grandpa Wood

Here are my fabulous co-workers that took care of me. On the left is Erika, without the mask and the right is Jackie, my nurse. Again, I can't say enough on how well I was cared for!

I recieved many gifts while in the hospital, but this one I have to give an honorable mention to Joanie (another great co-worker)... First off, it was a gift that was addressed to Derek, and second, it was a perfect gift. Anyone that knows Derek, knows that he loves cars. Joanie had taken the time one night when I was hosting the my work's knitting club to get to know Derek more and had a good talk with him about cars. She's always remembered that and will occasionally comment on it, or send stuff his way about cars. She got Samuel some T-shirts that Dad would appreciate: Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Shelby Colbra. She really nailed it!
Grandma and Grandpa Weber holding him.
Dad and his little buddy....
When we came to our room, this banner was hanging up for us. Thanks Tanya!
This was the day we were discharged to the hospital, and Samuel in his going home outfit.