Sunday, September 20, 2009

Feast or Famine

Sometimes it feels like I've read all the good books out there already, and I can't find anything to read. Then, other times, I've got stacks of books that have been recommended to me by family, friends at work, and friends out of work. I'm in the land of plenty, at the moment.

Plus, I've got a few more titles of things to read after I go through this stack. I'm loving it!

In case any of you were wondering, "The Year of Flowers" project is still in full force. Derek has not let me go longer than a week without flowers. This is the latest bouquet. As you can tell he's trying very hard to not do the same flowers : ) Aren't the little pumkins and peppers so cute?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mutton Bustin'

Derek and I went to the Spokane County Fair yesterday. We had a good time looking at all the fruit, grain, veggie, animal, and even the craft entries on display. My favorite parts are the quilt and handiwork items, the photography, and the animals. It's also fun to see the giant pumpkins and try to guess their weight. It was still early in the fair, so not all the animals had been submitted, but this this year came early enought that we got to see everything, including the horses. I think they are such beautiful animals! One of the horses was so giant, his back was taller than Derek's almost 6'0" height, let alone what his head was up to! He was the top winner.
Well, one of the activites that we saw for the first time this year was the "Mutton Bustin". Maybe all of you have already seen this, and its no big deal to you, but I thought it was the cutest/funniest thing! You have these little kids (complete with PPE-Personal Protective Equipment) that are hanging on for dear life on top of a sheep as it runs out of the pen, and the goal is to hang on the longest. The winner of the overall Fair time got $5,000 in a savings bond!

Here is a picture of it what it's suppose to look like.

Below is a video we took, I hope you can watch it. This first video is a 3 year old.

This little Cowgirl lasted 8 seconds, the record for this session. It was so fun seeing these little kids clinging on a running sheep!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Case Closed.

Well, I thought I'd put up some projects that I have finished over the last year in case anyone was interested. I think I'm always suprised by how well my knitting projects turn out. I taught myself to knit, and to read patterns, so it's still kind of amazing to me when they actually turn out, and that I do it right. I think its something I need to develope more, but I'm not good with follow-up. I start alot of crafts but then get a new project, and get distracted by that (I know you all know what I'm talking about!)
So, to try to prevent that I like to do alot of small things. I've been told I do alot of baby things and there are three reasons for that: 1. They are small and quick projects, thus more likely that I'll finish them. 2. I hope that someday I will actually be able to have children... and so I like making stuff for them, and there are alot of cute baby/children things out there. And 3. I know alot of people that are pregnant/having children so it makes for good gifts!
Ok, so on to the things I've completed.
The first few pictures show things I've done with a certain kind of yarn, which I LOVE!!! I love the colors, I love the way it knits up. If I had a group of colors that identify me, these are probably them. They are the colors I wear most often, the earthy colors. The only bad things is that I think this yarn is discontinued, so it is getting harder to find... : (

Some mittens for my sister Nancy, last year for Christmas

This is the yarn: Zitron Ecco Aquarell Yarn color 204. This is an awful picture of it, it so doesn't do it justice, but I wanted to show the a project I still need to finish. It's called the Dream Swatch Head wrap and all you have to do is google it and the pattern will come up.

This one is called Sweet Baby cap:

And here is the Babbette blanket I started on "Our Grand Adventure" if you remember my endeavor. I decided a baby blanket was just fine with me, instead of the full size (See, I've gotten smarter. For now, the little projects are what works for me. I don't have alot of time with work, and my church calling with the Youth). I loved how it turned out and the colors!

And lastly, here is a "Green Living tote" from Lion Brand Yarn (free pattern, you just have to sign up) that I made for Sharon for her birthday.

So, there ya go, and if you have any questions about the things I've made, just let me know!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Cameo Appearance...

I have always like cameo pins and old fashioned brooches. It started with the mother-of-pearl star shaped brooch that was my Great-Grandmothers, below. She died when I was 6, or 7 and all the grandchildren got to pick out something of hers, and this is what I chose. I don't wear it very often, I don't really know how to wear brooches, but it has always been special to me because of who's it was. Then I got a velvet-band choker necklace with the cameo pendant that is the bottom middle on it from my parents, when I was about 14 (and that type of necklace was in style). Those types of jewelry has always interested me, and it is just recently that I've decided I want to start collecting them. I love all the different forms and styles of the cameo design, all the different beautiful silhouettes there are. I also like the idea and style of brooches. Now it seems that the term "Vintage" is casually thrown around, and instantly adds to the price of any item, like those found on ebay, but it is just that Vintage look that I love. I don't like the cheap and flashy costume pins and brooches. Anyway, I've been thinking alot about cameos and brooches since I went to that cheater/joke of a jewelry shop that shrunk my ring (I think most of you are familiar with that irritating situation...) and saw some beautiful things from estate sales that I'd love to add to my collection, but they way overpriced them. Now I'm planning on keeping my eyes open, and attend more estate sales and pawn shops. Some people collect beanie babies, some collect pez dispensers or cuckoo clocks... I collect cameo and brooch/pins. I also collect interesting wedding cake toppers... Hmm maybe another post if people are interested?

The top two are recent acquisitions from ebay. they are pretty silhouettes, but made out of cheap material... then the middle is a pretty pin my sister Sharon gave me (where did you get that and what made you decide to give it to me? I don't think you knew how much I liked it). Then, the lower right cameo is something I found at an estate sale, and is probably my favorite next to my grandma's pin. I am so glad I went back for it; whenever I watch The Antique Roadshow I always want to ask them about this pin/pendant.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Introducing... the newest member of our family:

Well, finally I have gotten a cat! We always had at least one cat around growing up, my mom loves cats. Now all of us kids are very partial to cats too, except maybe Sharon who's allergic to them. A home isn't quite complete without a cat around. I have been wanting to get one since we moved into these apartments and they said we could have a cat, but we had to pay a pet fee. I finally decided that it was worth it. I looked in the ads and found a tabby kitten up for grabs! He is just about 8 weeks old and very playful. He is still getting use to us, but is warming up and very cute. I love the little kitten pounces and hopping around they do! I didnt' realize how much I missed a little feline friend. Anyway we named him Mitch, and right now he is cuddled up in Derek's lap taking a nap (I foresee that he soon will be Derek's little cat...)

I think he's a cute little thing, and the best looking of his litter! Now you can prepare yourself to see pictutes of him occasionally to supplament my posting subjects... hope you don't mind!

This picture is from when we were at Pig Out in the Park for labor day weekend (just like it sounds, food booths everywhere) and a couple was getting married on the stage! I thought it was cute, but very strange to get married in front of thousands of strangers eating ribs, cheesecake, hot dos, etc. I guess you certainly have the witnesses covered! I don't know if you can see it but she is wearing a white top hat. Anyway, congratulations to the happy couple!