Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mutton Bustin'

Derek and I went to the Spokane County Fair yesterday. We had a good time looking at all the fruit, grain, veggie, animal, and even the craft entries on display. My favorite parts are the quilt and handiwork items, the photography, and the animals. It's also fun to see the giant pumpkins and try to guess their weight. It was still early in the fair, so not all the animals had been submitted, but this this year came early enought that we got to see everything, including the horses. I think they are such beautiful animals! One of the horses was so giant, his back was taller than Derek's almost 6'0" height, let alone what his head was up to! He was the top winner.
Well, one of the activites that we saw for the first time this year was the "Mutton Bustin". Maybe all of you have already seen this, and its no big deal to you, but I thought it was the cutest/funniest thing! You have these little kids (complete with PPE-Personal Protective Equipment) that are hanging on for dear life on top of a sheep as it runs out of the pen, and the goal is to hang on the longest. The winner of the overall Fair time got $5,000 in a savings bond!

Here is a picture of it what it's suppose to look like.

Below is a video we took, I hope you can watch it. This first video is a 3 year old.

This little Cowgirl lasted 8 seconds, the record for this session. It was so fun seeing these little kids clinging on a running sheep!


courtney said...

They have that here and I think I will let the kids do it sometime!

shaina said...

Wish they would allow adults on the sheep.That looks like fun.

Sharon said...

thats so funny, my old roomie raychel does this at their family reunion, it;s really funny!

courtney said...

I showed Jerry, Jared's dad the freeze in Hell story and he thought it was so funny.

~ Megan ~ said...

Hahaha!!! All of my co-workers were talking about this and couldn't believe I'd never heard of it. Thanks for posting the pictures because it gives me more of an idea of what they are talking about!