Sunday, September 20, 2009

Feast or Famine

Sometimes it feels like I've read all the good books out there already, and I can't find anything to read. Then, other times, I've got stacks of books that have been recommended to me by family, friends at work, and friends out of work. I'm in the land of plenty, at the moment.

Plus, I've got a few more titles of things to read after I go through this stack. I'm loving it!

In case any of you were wondering, "The Year of Flowers" project is still in full force. Derek has not let me go longer than a week without flowers. This is the latest bouquet. As you can tell he's trying very hard to not do the same flowers : ) Aren't the little pumkins and peppers so cute?


Sharon said...

wow, thats a big stack of books! i love the colors of the flowers, they're so fall-y

~ Megan ~ said...

Love your stack of books! Looks like mine only your looks more interesting. I would do better if I would stop rereading Harry Potter and Twilight.

So Jen moved to Liberty Lake. I think we need a old roommate gathering since we're all here now : )

Me and My Girls said...

Wow lots of books to keep you busy!! I love the flowers and how unique they are. What a good man. I also agree with Megs that we should have a roommates runion.

m.a. said...

Such cute flowers - what a sweet gesture from your hubby!

Also, have you read Ender in Exile?