Saturday, September 12, 2009

Case Closed.

Well, I thought I'd put up some projects that I have finished over the last year in case anyone was interested. I think I'm always suprised by how well my knitting projects turn out. I taught myself to knit, and to read patterns, so it's still kind of amazing to me when they actually turn out, and that I do it right. I think its something I need to develope more, but I'm not good with follow-up. I start alot of crafts but then get a new project, and get distracted by that (I know you all know what I'm talking about!)
So, to try to prevent that I like to do alot of small things. I've been told I do alot of baby things and there are three reasons for that: 1. They are small and quick projects, thus more likely that I'll finish them. 2. I hope that someday I will actually be able to have children... and so I like making stuff for them, and there are alot of cute baby/children things out there. And 3. I know alot of people that are pregnant/having children so it makes for good gifts!
Ok, so on to the things I've completed.
The first few pictures show things I've done with a certain kind of yarn, which I LOVE!!! I love the colors, I love the way it knits up. If I had a group of colors that identify me, these are probably them. They are the colors I wear most often, the earthy colors. The only bad things is that I think this yarn is discontinued, so it is getting harder to find... : (

Some mittens for my sister Nancy, last year for Christmas

This is the yarn: Zitron Ecco Aquarell Yarn color 204. This is an awful picture of it, it so doesn't do it justice, but I wanted to show the a project I still need to finish. It's called the Dream Swatch Head wrap and all you have to do is google it and the pattern will come up.

This one is called Sweet Baby cap:

And here is the Babbette blanket I started on "Our Grand Adventure" if you remember my endeavor. I decided a baby blanket was just fine with me, instead of the full size (See, I've gotten smarter. For now, the little projects are what works for me. I don't have alot of time with work, and my church calling with the Youth). I loved how it turned out and the colors!

And lastly, here is a "Green Living tote" from Lion Brand Yarn (free pattern, you just have to sign up) that I made for Sharon for her birthday.

So, there ya go, and if you have any questions about the things I've made, just let me know!


shaina said...

Love them. I think the blanket is my favorite! I love how the sizes of the blocks are all random, but fit great together.
I envy your knitting skills!!

Sharon said...

you have some prety sweet skills, i love the baby hats, and baby projects are my favorite too! they are so fast

Valeri Crockett said...


Valeri Crockett said...

So I clicked on the bag picture and I can see someone laying under the table. . . it just made me laugh. Was he sleeping? haha!

Shavonne said...

Haha, that's funny Valeri, I hadn't realzied that. No, it's my brother-in-law and he is playing with our new kitten!

courtney said...

I love the pastels you got me! I have been reading the book and I think I will try doing some sexy trees in the pastels to see how they turn out. Thank you so much!

~ Megan ~ said...

Very cool Shavs - I love it! Makes me miss knitting with the girls on the couch watching a movie at the house on 17th.

Me and My Girls said...

Wow, so many knitting projects done, I love them all. I also really like the blanket.

Tiffiny said...

Very creative! Those are great projects. Good job on completing them all, too!!

Jess Cahoon said...

I remember when you taught me how to knit... I am ashamed to say my scarf has has not been finished. I think you taught me how to knit at least 5 years ago, maybe 6. Scary.