Friday, September 16, 2011

A Blank Canvas...

Last week I had three fabulous ladies come over: My sister Rebekah, and her two daughters Baili and Kristen. We had a belly painting session! They brought the paints, I brought the belly, and we had a good time.

They didnt' know what to paint at first so we gave them the idea to paint a rainbow, and some people. Kristen is painting the rainbow and Baili is painting the little figures down below.
The first work of art... It's a rainbow, a butterfly, raincloud, and two headless people... not sure what hapened there!
They were already out of ideas so someone suggested they do handprints. They're pretty cute girls and are getting so big! I love that they came over to do this :)
Now its Rebekah's turn. She went with a pumpkin as you can see. I love that she put my due date on it and of course signed it!

Next up, we convinced Derek to come add his mark. He believes that less is more.... I sure love that man!
My belly skin was slightly sore after all the scrubbing it got, but it was alot of fun! I don't have much longer left to play with the belly, so anyone else have other ideas? Even though it is getting hard to move, sleep, bend, stand, get comfortable, etc I love the pregnant belly and to feel my little man moving around like crazy. I want to celebrate every moment!