Friday, September 16, 2011

A Blank Canvas...

Last week I had three fabulous ladies come over: My sister Rebekah, and her two daughters Baili and Kristen. We had a belly painting session! They brought the paints, I brought the belly, and we had a good time.

They didnt' know what to paint at first so we gave them the idea to paint a rainbow, and some people. Kristen is painting the rainbow and Baili is painting the little figures down below.
The first work of art... It's a rainbow, a butterfly, raincloud, and two headless people... not sure what hapened there!
They were already out of ideas so someone suggested they do handprints. They're pretty cute girls and are getting so big! I love that they came over to do this :)
Now its Rebekah's turn. She went with a pumpkin as you can see. I love that she put my due date on it and of course signed it!

Next up, we convinced Derek to come add his mark. He believes that less is more.... I sure love that man!
My belly skin was slightly sore after all the scrubbing it got, but it was alot of fun! I don't have much longer left to play with the belly, so anyone else have other ideas? Even though it is getting hard to move, sleep, bend, stand, get comfortable, etc I love the pregnant belly and to feel my little man moving around like crazy. I want to celebrate every moment!


shaina said...

I always loved my pregnant belly too. Remember when you and corks drew on my belly when pregnant with Keaton? You used washable markers.

courtney said...

I don't remember that Shaina...hummm...are you sure it was us?

I think that it is super cute that you let the little girls do that. I honestly never though of doing that, too late now.

Very fun!

if you were still going to be prego during halloween, it would have been fun for you to dress up as Mr. Smeee, and where a body tattoo suit over your belly but let it all hang out just like Smeee's.

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

I loved being able to come and do this with you and the girls and Derek. It was fun and something that I know we will all remember for a long time. Cant wait to meet the little man. Love you.

Rachel said...


Queen of Chaos said...


We did that too, with a couple of my pregnant bellies.
The kids ahd a blast and I have cute pics.

You'll enjoy these pics FOREVER! :)