Friday, October 15, 2010

Slumbering Spiders

Last night my wonderful Mother-In-Law, Cheryl dropped by. She had made us some Halloween pillowcases and couldn't wait to give them to us. Once I saw them, I couldn't blame her for her eagerness. I love the choice of fabrics but my favorite part...

is the spidery fringe she added to it. Isn't it great? I can't gt enough of the little beasts and can't wait to get them on our pillows. She makes the best pillow cases!
Bet you wish you too had spiders crawling around on your pillow ;)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Books and More Swap

More on Ravelry... I joined a 'Books and More Swap'. It's kind of like receiveing a care package from a mysterious pen pal. It is an anonymous swap and each package had to include a knit/crochet book, some yarn, and something with the theme which was Back to School. You filled out a questionnaire beforehand so you had an idea what each other liked. I had a lady from Minnesota, and the lady that had me was from California. I just got my package today, and I love it! Everything in it is awesome and I"m super excited to start planning my next project.

Inside: One Skein- 30 quick projects to knit and crochet by Leigh Radford, 3 skeins of Knit Picks yarn in a beautiful green, a picture frame, a sweet notebook, mechanical pencils, post it notes (perfect to use on my patterns) some yummy treats, an adorable re-usable bag (masquerading as a strawberry!), and some sweet stitch markers.

And this fun bag to hold it all. Thanks Jenna!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Did you know...

That October is "Socktoberfest"? A Blogger by the name of Lollygirl began it a few years ago and it has caught hold in the knitting world. Socks are knit all year long, but in October many knitters focus their attention on contructing socks. I've mentioned that I joined a Mystery Sock Knit along (KAL) and wanted to show the first part. Tomorrow we get the next clue to the pattern which will probly be the leg. This is the cuff, all that we've gotten so far. I love how it squggles! I'm really enjoying being part of this and can't wait til the finished product! Here is the link to Through the Loops blog that is hosting the mystery kal:

For those that are intersted I'm using ShiBui Knits yarn.

I thought I'd add this picture, just for fun, of my cats. They are racing around and staging a mock fight as I type this.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Lost Blogger

Ok, I have been feeling guilty about not updating this blog, and now I"m starting to get hassled about it, so here you go! I've taken the summer off from knitting (mostly) and am just now feeling the knitting fever again so I have all kinds of projects planned. But during the summer I was working on some scarves. For Young Women's we were working on a service project and our goal was for each YW and leader to knit 5 scarves each to donate to a shelter in the fall. We don't have a very large YW's group but we were able to make about 45 scarves of all shapes and sizes (I'm at work, but just realized I'll have to edit this post and add that picture later). It was pretty great how had they all worked on accomplishing this goal. Now we are teaching them to crochet baby hats for the hospitals.
Right now I've got a few projects in the works that I can't show yet because they will be Christmas presents but I'm working on a mystery sock Knit-Along. "What's that?" you're saying? Well, I go to this website called (probably as often as I do facebook) which is an online community for knitters/crocheters/spinners, etc. There are patterns and forums and more and recently I've discovered some fun groups. One is a Mystery knit along for a sock pattern. You get only part of a portion of the pattern each week, and you don't have any idea what it will look like so I'm just starting the cuff. I'll post some pictures to show the progress.
Anyway, that's a little bit of what I'm up to these days. I'll try really hard to be more regular with my blog posts!