Thursday, October 7, 2010

Did you know...

That October is "Socktoberfest"? A Blogger by the name of Lollygirl began it a few years ago and it has caught hold in the knitting world. Socks are knit all year long, but in October many knitters focus their attention on contructing socks. I've mentioned that I joined a Mystery Sock Knit along (KAL) and wanted to show the first part. Tomorrow we get the next clue to the pattern which will probly be the leg. This is the cuff, all that we've gotten so far. I love how it squggles! I'm really enjoying being part of this and can't wait til the finished product! Here is the link to Through the Loops blog that is hosting the mystery kal:

For those that are intersted I'm using ShiBui Knits yarn.

I thought I'd add this picture, just for fun, of my cats. They are racing around and staging a mock fight as I type this.


Nancy said...

hehehe I miss your kids

.: Megan :. said...

Look at you -- you are a blogging machine!

ps love the green yarn

shaina said...

Looks absolutely yummy! Thick and warm and I love the color!
yay for the cat picture!