Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Commission...

I went and visited my sister, Shaina the first part of October and while I was there she gave me a challenge... more like a knitting plea. You see, when she got married she recieved from our boss of the Roxy (best place to work ever, a small town movie theater...) two hand knitted Christmas stockings, personalized with her and Heath's names on them. Gladys was the name of our boss from the Roxy, and many of us Weber's worked there, but Shaina was the first, and always was the favorite of Gladys. With each child that joined their family, another stocking was sent to them, with the name at the top from Gladys. She had a friend that made them for her, to give to Shaina. Well, Shaina has 6 stockings, all matching and personalized for each member of the family.... then she became pregnant with little Kimble. Here is where the trouble starts. That sweet little old lady that knitted all her stockings had passed away, and now Shaina will be without a special stocking for Kimble.
Enter Shavonne, a sister that knits. Shaina asked me if I could make an identicle stocking for Kimble, but the problem was there was no pattern! I made no promises, because I knew it had to be just right. We called our friend Gladys to see if she could ask the daughter of the lady that made them if there was a pattern she used. In the meantime, I studyied her stocking she let me bring home with me. I counted stitches and rows, and copied the reindeer picture and made a prototype pattern. I got started on it, feeling pretty confident that I had figured it out. I had to go to three different stores to find the right shade of green and brown, which I couldn't find the exact color, but it was very close. When i was about halfway done with the stocking I recieved a letter in the mail from Gladys. She had gotten a copy of the lady's pattern and sent it to me. I was pretty cose in my calculations, and I was pretty excited about that.
Anyway, I finished it, blocked it, seamed it up together. I was thinking it looked pretty darn good, until I laid Shaina's next to it... It's Ginormous compared to hers! I think it was the yarn choice because I couldn't get the exact kind because I was pretty much right on in terms of the stitches and rows.
So, anyway, even though its a bigger stocking than all the rest, I don't think anyone will begrudge him that. Afterall he is a special boy with a special heart.
Now, I don't think I'm all that with knitting. I still have alot to learn and do, but I do have to admit that I am pretty proud of myself in mostly figuring out this pattern...

Blocking, and setting the picture and before I seamed up the side. I will admit that knitting the reindeer was the most tedious kntting I may ever have done. I had about 5 strands of the different colors hanging down, and trying to keep them from getting tangled was very annoying. I was very glad to finish with it. It was a quick knit before and after that part.

All alone it looks good...

Next to the others it looks so big! Haha, oh well. Merry Christmas to you Shaina (and Kimble)!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random Pictures of Mitch

Well, I guess I'm one of those people that post pictures of their pet, but really, he is pretty cute! Here are a few random pictures of our cat, Mitch. He loves bags of any kind... I think its the noise they make. Don't even think you will be able to put a gift bag together, or something into a grocery bag without him jumping in. It's funny or annoying, depending on if I'm in a hurry or not. If you are doing anything (like trying to layout fabric to sew, knit, fold laundry, grab socks off the floor... etc) he thinks you're trying to play with him and will try to attack it. Again, it is either funny or annoying.

AND if you're on the computer it is a constant battle to shew him off the desk, or away from the monitor. I liked the picture above where he climbed up Derek's back, up on top of his head!

(No kittens were suffocated while playing with a plastic shopping bag...)
Another funny thing about Mitch is that he will play fetch. He will bring a toy mouse up on the couch where I'm sitting, and then I'll throw it, and he will run after it and grab it with his mouth. then come running back to me and I'll throw it again. This will go on 6-7 times until he tires (yay) and then falls asleep. We're trying to train him to fetch the remote, or our slippers, but no luck so far.

Monday, November 9, 2009

A new purse

This last Saturday I spent the afternoon making a purse with my Mother-In-Law, Cheryl. I was blessed to marry into a great family, and we like to do crafts together. We made a new scripture case/bag but I like it so much, I may use it for my everyday purse!

Mitch has a strange fascination with bags of every kind. If there is any bag around he has to be in it. I'll show more pictures of that later. I was just picking up my bag so Derek could take a picture, and Mitch jumped in. Well, he's going to show off the inside, I guess. You can't see as well (with a cat in the way) but there are alot of pockets, which I love.

I love the button on it. I found one that matched just perfectly in my button stash. Also, you can't tell, but I quilted the bottom. I'm not very practiced in that, but thought I did a fairly good job! I really like how my bag turned out.