Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random Pictures of Mitch

Well, I guess I'm one of those people that post pictures of their pet, but really, he is pretty cute! Here are a few random pictures of our cat, Mitch. He loves bags of any kind... I think its the noise they make. Don't even think you will be able to put a gift bag together, or something into a grocery bag without him jumping in. It's funny or annoying, depending on if I'm in a hurry or not. If you are doing anything (like trying to layout fabric to sew, knit, fold laundry, grab socks off the floor... etc) he thinks you're trying to play with him and will try to attack it. Again, it is either funny or annoying.

AND if you're on the computer it is a constant battle to shew him off the desk, or away from the monitor. I liked the picture above where he climbed up Derek's back, up on top of his head!

(No kittens were suffocated while playing with a plastic shopping bag...)
Another funny thing about Mitch is that he will play fetch. He will bring a toy mouse up on the couch where I'm sitting, and then I'll throw it, and he will run after it and grab it with his mouth. then come running back to me and I'll throw it again. This will go on 6-7 times until he tires (yay) and then falls asleep. We're trying to train him to fetch the remote, or our slippers, but no luck so far.


Sharon said...

he's such a cute kitty, it so funny!

Me and My Girls said...

He is such a funny cat! I also think that he is so cool. You guys picked an awesome one from the litter.

courtney said...

Hey, better that he likes bags rather than your feet! Didn't you and Bex have a cat that you named after that one kid in our ward that was obsessed with feet?

kdaygirl said...

I love Mitch! He has inspired me to get another cat. Love the pic with him on Dericks head. I bet he just loved that!