Monday, October 19, 2009

Help for Baby K

My sister is going to have a baby and he is going to be a very special baby. He has a congenital heart defect, in that the right chamber of his heart did not grow, and recently they learned that he also has a cleft lip. Obviously he is going to need alot of surgeries and special care. He is their 5th baby, and already very much loved. His birthday is planned for Nov 4th.
If any of you know my sister, or ever been to her blog, she has posted alot of recipes and all of them yummy. I have never had a bad outcome from her recipes. Sooo, she is making a recipe book that will be out soon, to benefit and raise money for her special Baby K. Please see the follwing link to familiarize yourself with her book, and stay to enjoy her blog. She is very amusing and crafty. Please think about purchasing this recipe book when it comes available as it will go to a very special cause! Thank you!!!

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Mags said...

I have tried a couple of her recipes and am in talks with Zeke about Christmas gifts. I'm excited about the book but not so excited about the reason one is being made. I sure hope everything works out for this little baby.