Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Sunday...

Well, acutally I mean the first Sunday at Church. We don't have any suits or many other clothes that fit him yet, but we had this onsie with a tie on it. He is dressed a little casual for church with the jeans, but his heart is in the right place ;) Unfortunately, he only had this on for about an hour covered up by a blanket, before he had a major diaper blow-out and had to be changed. Fortunately, I had some pajamas in the diaper bag otherwise he would've been in just his diaper!
Otherwise he did great during church: didn't fuss any, and was very calm and just looked around for the most part. I navigated the whole feeding thing out in public for the first time and got inducted into a new club: the mother's lounge club. I have to say that I like this new social hang out spot! We have alot of nursing babies in the ward at this time and I talked to many sisters that I've wanted to get to know but somehow never find the chance to talk to them before... its because they're in the mother's lounge! haha
Anyway it was good to go to church again, feel the Spirit and fellowship with other people. I have been a big homebodie and its nice to start being more active. I can drive again, and I have been taking walks every day and feeling great!


shaina said...

Yes, sometimes I still go in the mother's room, just to hang out. It's a fun place to be.

courtney said...

I love the mother's loung, it is a secret from men and they always want to know what we have in there. Yes, they may go in there at the end of the day to empty then the candy machines and television have safely slid back into the hiding places in the walls. I love it there!