Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Our Grand Adventure" Part 1

I"m going to finally tell about our trip. We took TONS of pictures, so going through them all and deciding which to use was quite a job. I decided to just show the highlights but even that was alot of pictures, so I'm going to break it up and try to post a few pictures everyday. This first segment are many of the pictures along Highway 101 down the Oregon coast. If you have never driven down this Highway you should make it a point to do it sometimve. It is a beautiful drive, and there are many places to stop to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The weather was gorgeous, and it was such a nice start to our trip. We drove from Spokane to Newport Beach, Oregon, and stayed at a cabin/hotel right next to the beach. We stayed there on our Honeymoon, so it was very neat to stay there again.

We had to get the timing just right with this picture to get it with the wave crashing behind me. The sea was so tumultuous and impressive! It got to be a joke between us because there were so many places that were named something with Devil in it like Devil's churn, and Devil's throat, and Devil's elbow, or whatever. We started making up names like Devil's pants, and Devil's upset stomach, etc.

I like this picture even though its way too close and only a partial shot of us!

Although the day was very mild and nice, the night got really chilly and windy. This was not a staged shot, just Derek waiting for me to say smile!

I'm glad the flash got this...


shaina said...

Yeah!! you are back. Looking forward to all the pictures!!
WE drove that highway on our way to move to California. It wasn't so great for us. Hot, car sick, potty-training accidents...almost running out of a/c. It was a long drive. Glad it was better for you!

courtney said...

Awesome pictures! I am glad that you had a great time! Keep the pixs coming!

The Girls' Mom said...

beautiful pictures! Ill have to check out the places you post, we are always looking for new places to go.

Queen of Chaos said...

Such pretty, pretty pictures, Shavonne. Good job on the photography. ;)

I love seeing new places and reading of new adventures. I love to travel. Warren and I have a goal to rent a convertible and drive that California scenic coast one day. I can't wait!

Thanks for sharing your fun time with us.

iweb said...

Some one went a little Trigger happy with there camnera!!!!!! lol jsut playin i like the pictures. gives me something to look at
Bob saget