Monday, April 7, 2008

Family Games

It's always fun when my family gets together to play games. We love to play any kind of games, wether its board, card, or acting kind of games. Recently I had the chance to play with some of my siblings, so I thought I'd tell you about it.

For Easter, my husband Derek and I drove up to Newport and spent the evening with my parents and two youngest siblings, Ian and Nancy. We had a yummy dinner (BBQ'd steak and baked potatoes with salad and rolls- a break from the traditional ham, but still good. Especially the way my dad BBQ's steak), ate some Easter candy, and then Ian, Nancy, Derek and I had a Super Mario Brother's fest on the old Nintendo. It was so much fun. We sat on Nancy's bed in her room and took turns playing when someone died. I havent' played that in so long, and so I was a little rusty (like I was ever really that good at it!) Lots of fun!
Then yesterday I got a call from Kim. She had called me on her cell phone, but she had Jamie and Shaina on 3-way calling on her home phone. She wanted to know if I wanted to play Ticket-to-Ride with them (a really fun board game, which you can also play online). My response: "Heck yes I do!" But first they wondered if they could get me in on the conference call, if Shaina called me on her phone. Amazingly, it worked! There were four of us, but wait, let's try one more person- Jamie called Warren. We now had 5 people on the phone all able to hear each other! It was crazy, but fun. That was the five oldest in our family all talking. Then we played Ticekt to ride online, which Kim won. Ahhh, good times. Anyway, the point is I love playing games, and it's espcially fun when I can do it with my family.


Queen of Chaos said...

This is a fun post, Shavonne. :)
I think it's neat that we live in a day when you can conference call 5 siblings who live in 5 different areas of the United states and ALL play the SAME game. I love living in 2008!

Games are a big part of our family, too. Tonight we had friends over for FHE. Us adults played Settlers of Zarahemla. It was super fun. I almost won...just to have the title ripped from me by Richard! grrrr
I suppose I can't win them all. Besides I won the last two games we''e played {Settlers of Catan and Yatzee Texas Hold 'em} ---

I know you're wondering what the heck is Yatzee Texas Hold 'em? Hey, don't knock it till you've played it! It's so fun!

Click below to see it:

shaina said...

Better yet, most of us were in different time zones!
It was a blast talking to everyone. Love my family!

The Girls' Mom said...

that is such a fabulous idea! I want to try that since all of my siblings are stretched across the western US.

kdaygirl said...

u better believe I won that game!!! It was GRRRRREat.

sharon c... that's me said...

i love games!