Wednesday, April 30, 2008

3rd times the charm!

Well, for those of you who read about my prior struggles with my lost license, you may have thought I'd have my license by now, and it was over. But, no. I still hadn't recieved my "hardcopy" of my license, but I thought it was in transit because of the move, and was being forwarded, etc. Well I finally called them and apparently it got sent back, so now it is invalid. They didn't mail it to the address I wrote down, so consequently it was mailed to an empty mail box, which means the mailman returned it.
Anyway today I went in to get a THIRD license since January. They wouldn't let me use the one I had found again, and now it has a big hole punched in it. Hopefully this one is the lucky one!


Queen of Chaos said...

I feel your pain! How frustrating. :S

Speaking of drivers licenses' in Arizona a DL is valid for 40 years! Yes, you read right. 40! They urge you to go in every 12 years for a new picture. And, course, you have to contact them if you move so that can change it in the system. Funny huh?!!

I like your dance moves picture below! Too funny, Shavonne!

shaina said...

oh man. bummer.

sharon c... that's me said...

oh shavonne