Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Seattle Aquarium

Hey, we're back! We spent this last weekend in Seattle. We love going there. This time we went to the Seattle Aquarium, so I thought I'd show some of our pictures from there, and also of Pike place. Lots of fun!

There were some gorgeous tulips, of all kinds of color combinations, that smelled so good! Derek got me a beautiful bouquet of them :)
These blue roses were $70 a dozen- yikes! But a very pretty blue.

I thought this puffer fish was kind of cute and ugly at the same time. Reminded me of the ghosts on Super Mario Brothers, 3 the old school game! If you look close you can see the spikes.

Finally a picture of us!


courtney said...

Cool Shavonne, it is so fun to go on trips with your hubby!

Jared has never been Seattle and wants to see the sites someday. When we go, we'll ask you what are the best places to go.

kdaygirl said...

Hey those flowers are so pretty. We are going Seattle in August cant wait!!!

Shavonne said...

Corks, totally ask. There are some way cool shops and stores and places we go see, pretty much every time. We kind of make the rounds whenever we get a chance to go. Kim-bo, same to you. Though I think you have been before.

Queen of Chaos said...

How fun! A nice getaway :)

Warren and I have been to Seattle many times and always enjoyed it. Expecially Pikes Place Market. We always like to go to the cafe they filmed a part in 'Sleepless in Seattle' there at Pikes. And we always got a boquet of those dried flowers, too. A fun place to visit, indeed!

Did you go up on the needle? They have the best Hot Chocolate at the top!

sharon c... that's me said...

oh i love seattle, i love sweet looking fish!

shaina said...

great pictures! LOVE LOVE LOVE the tulips!