Thursday, July 17, 2008

And still more strawberries...

With so many strawberries, and not so much freezer space I had to find a way to use some of them up. Derek and I made Strawberry freezer jam, which is 10 times better than canned jam in my opinion. The strawberry taste is so much fresher, and the color brighter. Though I know it doesn't work for long term storage, unfortuneately. We ended up with 5 1/2 containers of freezer jam. I think it should last us two for awhile, dont you? This yummy jam has given new life to PB & J. I don't like big, honkin' strawberry chunks in my jam, so its pureed pretty fine.

Then we froze two full ziplock bags full of stemmed, and hulled strawberries, ready for smoothies, cheesecake toppings, oatmeal, or whatever. Then I had leftover strawberry puree, and I had seen a few years ago for a recipe for strawberry bread, so used the last of it to make that. It turned out good, kind of reminds me of cherry chip cake, but not so overly sweet. The cake didn't turn a pretty red, like I though it would, but it still tastes good. I added a few globs of cream cheese to the batter to make a little suprise, but it didn't turn out like I wanted it too. I had a strawberry muffin with a cream cheese center a long time ago and it was really good. I was hoping to recreate it. Didn't happen.


Queen of Chaos said...

Yum! I love srawberry anything. Your jam looks delicious- especially with fresh bread.

I love that you picked fresh strawberries. No pestisides and oh, so fresh.

The kids and I went to the an orchard the other week with friends and picked peaches, plums and apples. It was super hot out but lots of fun. The plums were divine. We went swimming at a friends house afterward.
I need to post about our orchard trip.

Tammy said...

I am in the same boat with all the strawberries ! We picked too many and I've been having fun trying to think of new ways to use them too. They are so delicious !

I agree with you on the chunky jam - ick ! Puree all the way :)

shaina said...

Great job! I've never made freezer jam before.
The bread looks yummy.

kdaygirl said...

I love freezer jam. It reminds me of Aunt Lauries Jam. We would go to her house and have PB&J and the jam was soooooo good. I dont like big chunks either and that is how I do my aprioct jam.

The Dean Family said...

YUM! Your strawberry's sound sooo good right now! My sister, Amy makes Freezer jam a lot and loves it. I am going to have to try it one of these days.

~ Cami

Jess Cahoon said...

I also made freezer jam this year and bottled some for the first time to deal with some of the storage problems.

By the way, I have a recipe for a pumpkin bread that has cream cheese stuff swirled into it that looks really pretty when it is done with the orange and white. It might work for your strawberry bread next time. Let me know if you're interested.