Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Uh...Can you spell that for me?

I know that I have a unique name, but I don't think it's a real hard name to say, or to spell. It's pretty much like it looks: Sha-vonne. But I always know during a roll call, or when I have an order up at a fast food place when I'm next.
"Uh.....Shh...Sha-uon?" I try to come to their rescue- "Shavonne."
Then when they ask for my name when I order food, and I say it, you can see their pencil automatically going to the page to spell it, then pause as their brain registers what I said...

Occasionally I'll use a psuedonym, if you will, for those times when I don't have the patience to deal with the puzzled looks. I've started using the name Sharon. It's close enough to my name, plus it's my sister's name, so its familiar to me. Everyone knows how to say it, and spell it. Piece of cake.
But during those times when I go by Sharon it's been a little anticlimatic when I order. Sometimes its fun to see them stumped:
"Can I have your name?"
"*pause*....Can you spell that for me?"


Sharon Carpenter said...

Hey! you're not my Doppleganger! But if i was you i would use my name too, it would get so frustrating... having to repeat and spell my name. But i think you made a nice choice going with my name, afterall, our husbands have the same name... both last names have to do with trees, and the same middle initial. you should just change your name to sharon- but i would be sharon number one!!

kdaygirl said...

We went to the temple to do Initiatory and they changed workers like 4 times and each time a new one came in and looked at my last name a confused and bewilderd look came over their faces. One sister didnt listen to me and chose to pronounce it how she wanted. It was really funny...

U should use a differnt name everytime that way u can be someone else for a few minutes. That say SHAVS.. then u sound like a gangster.

shaina said...

I know what you mean. I get it all the time. I've also resorted to using a pseudoname. I just say Lee. That way, if the hubby comes in to pick it up, it's a male name too.
I just hate it too much when people pronounce it Shan ia. Yuck.

courtney said...

Hilarious! Umm...I don't have a funny story relating to me but on Jared's mission, the people had a hard time pronouncing his name because they don't have the "th" sound in their language so he was always Elder Heat. Then one of his companions explained about cats in heat to one of their hispanic elder buddies and he would always laugh at Jared. Funny.

The Dean Family said...

HA HA HA!!! Funny story. Sad, but funny none the less!!! I always get it spelled wrong, but at least they can say it!

~ Cami

Queen of Chaos said...

Warren uses JAMAL when he orders out or is asked for a name to be called when our table is ready. He's a weirdo, sometimes. It's because he thinks he's black on the inside. {that's what he tells me, anyway}

I always have to say "Weber. With one B." So annoying. And most people have no clue how to spell Autumn. It's always: Autum or Atom. Hello!