Saturday, August 2, 2008

A wonderful day

I had such a good day today! First off, I have worked the last 9 out of 11 days. It has been really, insanely busy at work and like a million people are having babies (really it's been about 230 for the month of July) so I've been coming in extra. The reason I've been available, besides being there for my peeps, is that Derek and I have a road trip planned in September for two weeks (more on that later). We are taking two weeks to drive around Western US and need lots of gas money :) Anyway, so because of that I haven't hardly seen my spousal unit. He has had to fend for himself with dinners, and housecleaning and finding entertainment without my sparkling personality. But, today was a good day. I had the day off, and we got to go on a date. We went to Olive Garden, saw The Dark Night (Whoa, what a good movie!), and then I got the final book in the Twilight Series, The Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. Ahh- time off with my husband, and a good book and good food equals a wonderful day.

Ps, that's why I haven't blogged in so long!


Sharon Carpenter said...

m, i love olive garden, i can't wait to see you again in a couple of days

shaina said...

Cool weekend! Are you reading the book alone or with the husband?

Shavonne said...

I'm reading it alone. Derek isn't interested in them...yet. I have plans to change that. When he is stuck in a car for 8 hours, and mysteriously all the other audiobooks are not to be found, except one-Twilight!