Friday, August 22, 2008


Oh man, I know it has been so long since I've updated my blog, and even then it's only been occasionally for the last month or two. So, here is a quick synopsis with what's going with me.
First I just got back from my sibling reunion and had such a wonderful time with them! When we all arrived we were so hyper and excited we kept talking over one another and hugging each other, sometimes twice because we couldn't remember if we had hugged that person yet. I decided that I won't post any pictures or videos of them here, for now because Shaina( ), and Sharon ( ) have done a good job. We played all kinds of games, and had fun at lagoon, and went to the Provo Temple, and did gift exchanges (I got a pedometer-Yay!) and just reveled in being together again. We watched some old home video footage and laughed so hard some of us (you know who you are!) almost peed (her) pants! It WAS great.
Anyway now that I'm back I am back to working extra for our upcoming Roadtrip. We have been so busy on the Labor and Delivery floor that it has been easy getting extra hours, but now I'm am starting to get burned out. After our trip I don't think I'll sign up extra for awhile (at least til it's closer to Christmas...)
And now I just realized I havent' outlined what we're doing for our vacation that we both are working so much extra for! We are taking two weeks off in September and are doing a good ol' fashioned road trip. We are driving over to the Oregon coast and staying there, then a night in upper CA in the Redwood National Forrest. Then we are staying several nights in the San Francisco/San Jose area visiting family and enjoying the town. Then off to drive through Yosemite and Death Valley on our way to Las Vegas where we'll stay a couple days. After that we'll South to the Grand Canyon, then up through Zion's National Park on North to Spanish Fork to see more family. Then finally take the last leg home. We are taking two weeks off and driving a big loop. We are staying in hotels only 5 nights and the rest will be with family or camping. We are really looking forward to the break, and the beautifu sights we'll see on the way, and the fun things we'll do while in the big cities. I'll definately be taking pictures and will tell all about it when we get back. So, you can see why we need to work extra (gas money!) but it actually won't be too bad. The gas estimate will be about the same as a round trip ticket to SF, for two, and we will get to see and do more!
Anyway there is the update in our lives for the moment and I'll try to be better about posting. Thanks for being patient with me!


shaina said...

I know you've been working hard, but you have to remember to entertain the fans!!

Glad you updated us. It'll be a fun trip.

I'll talk to you soon about the jewelry. Why don't you just call me when you get a chance.

Sharon Carpenter said...

oh, i love road trips! it will be fun- so you didn't say if you were gonna stop by idaho falls or not? are you wantin' to stay with us, or anxious to get back home?

Shavonne said...

We'll be driving straight home from Utah. We decided to give ourselves an extra day in SF, and since we just saw each other... Hope that's ok!

kdaygirl said...

cant wait to see you in a few weeks! Have great safe trip!!

Queen of Chaos said...

Glad you had such a fun time in Utah. It was a much needed reunion for you all.

How cool is that to be going on a 2week road trip!! Have a ton of fun guys! And I hope you will post lots of pictures when you get back?