Monday, August 4, 2008

More happy times

Oh, I just finished the fourth book, Breaking Dawn and I am so glad to know what finally happens! Can't wait for a few months to pass before I read it again. I think I'll start The Host again. In case you all didnt' know I like to cycle through my books when I really enjoy them, especially when I race through them like a wildfire. Next to a new book, I love a favorite old book.
Anyway I have coming up in a few days another anticipated event: my sibling reunion. I am so excited!!! It is just the original 12 Weber's. We wanted to get together to have fun, and it was easier to plan a date than it was with all the spouses and children, though they will be missed dearly. We all have such a good time with each other and playing games, and hanigng out. I'll post about it more when I get back, next week. It's Gonna Be Great!


Heidi said...

I'm reading The Host now and am liking it a LOT better than the Twilight series. Glad you liked Breaking Dawn. Does Bella get any less whiny???

shaina said...

I love that I get to say "see ya soon".

Queen of Chaos said...

Have a grand time!