Wednesday, December 10, 2008


All right everyone, here are some pictures, that don't really go together, but different things we've done in the last few months. I took the pictures, intending to blog about it before, but hadn't gotten to it. Well, now I am!

Here are a few pictures from the fall when we made caramel apples. When we go to Seattle we stop a chocolate store that makes these incredible caramel apples with all kinds of gooey, yummy extra layers and here is us trying to duplicate a few of them. They turned out really good, but don't look as pretty as the ones we buy!

We learned by trial and error that the caramel is really, really thick and sticky and even though we had wax paper down it stuck to it like crazy so we had to pick it off. Very tedious work! And we'll make our caramel next time. This time we reheated the little caramels.

My husband is better at putting up with me taking his picture for the blog's sake.

Our finished products: all have a caramel layer, then some have were dipped in oreos, some half white/half dark chocolate, white chocolate and toffee, and then just chocolate.

Next of our activities has to do with a Men's Health Magazine subscription. Derek has recently taken a subscription to it, and I like it because he sees recipes like this:

and wants to make them. This is just one of the many recipes he has cooked for me since reading that magazine. All of them are pretty healthy, and very good. some other meals were fish tacos (actually they were really good!), and some shrimp stir-fry. This meal was called the Big Kahuna burger. The recipe is here:

This last weekend we went out to get a Christmas Tree. I love December because of Christmas and family time. I admit that I am like a little kid when it comes to Christmas morning. I love getting together with the family and all the many things to do leading up to it. I love especially the wonder of the Savior coming to earth in all the humility of a newborn baby, born in a manger. It is a special, wonderful time. And it also happens to be the month of my birthday. So, anyway back to our Christmas tree shopping. We went to Greenbluff, to a tree farm. there wasn't a lot of selection, but we found one that worked for us. It still needs to be decorated, but I'm hoping we'll do that tonight, and i'll post some pictures when we do.

We dont' have any snow yet. It was a beautifully sunny, but cold day.

this was facing the sun. I had my eyes closed until just before we took the picture and I could barely keep them open for that few seconds. Too bad the shadow is in the way...
As you can see these trees aren't quite ready yet. They need a few years yet.

Found one! It is tall enough, but just barely... I supervised.

A few days ago I came out of the gym and everything had a pinkish look to it. I thought about that phrase, "...through rose-colored glasses..." I hurried to grab my camera. No special effects, this is really what the sky and everything looked like!


Heidi said...

I am SO making that hamburger.

kdaygirl said...

Love that sunset picture!! Yummy apples, did u give them away? I want the recipe for the fish tacos, those sound sooooo good!

Shavonne said...

the fish tacos recipe link is here: IT is super good with mango-avocado salsa. Enjoy!

courtney said...

Those apples look so so so delicioso!!Muy want porfavor! I know, I am talking in gringo!

Homemade burgers and always the best...but, we will have Red Robin here soon so I might not say that anymore.

I love sunsets!

shaina said...

Great pictures! You reminded me that I want to do caramel apples with the kiddos. Got any pointers for me?

Rachel said...

Shavys, are the apples you buy from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory? Because they have one hear and I now like carameled apples because of it. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!