Saturday, December 13, 2008

Spouses and Christmas Trees

I was cleaning out my purse today and found a newspaper clipping that I meant to quote with the last post about getting our Christmas tree. I thought it funny, so here it is (This is quoted from "The Slice" section of the Spokesman Review):

"A slice reader noted the similarity between Christmas trees and spouses.
'Both look incredibly good when you first see them and it isn't until you make a commitment (both financially and emotionally) and get them home that you begin to notice the flaws. the only thing you can do is try to turn the bad side toward the wall.'"

Haha, I thought it was cute. Hope you enjoyed it too!


courtney said...

That's pretty funny!

shaina said...

I like the tree!
FUnny story. They do seem to be the same, in some ways.

Andrew said...

Shavonne - we wanted to send you a Christmas card this year - can you give me your address?? Love the blog!