Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Family Movies

I was thinking about something my sister, Rebekah posted in her facebook "First" about the movie Mr. Boogedy, and decided I would reminisce about some of the movies my family watched alot growing up. That was back before all the TV shows, and video games (not that my family had any anyway. The only video game machine we had was an atari, for a little bit). Every Sunday night there was the Disney movie on for the week that we watched together. Part of me misses those simpler days, where we actually played outside as kids, and together.
Anyway here is a list of some of the movies (any of my sisters can supplament this list, I'm sure I didn't think of them all)

Mr Boogedy
Back to the Beach
Back to the Future
Pete's Dragon
Savannah Smiles
Making Mr. Right
Bedknobs and Broomsticks
the Princess Bride
Happiest Millionaire
Babes in Toyland
In Search of the Castaways
The Swiss Family Robinson
The Wilderness Family
The Parent Trap (1, 2 & 3)
Star Wars

I remember one of the chores I hated was having to organize the movies. The first 30 were easy because they were numbered, then it became a little dicier. Usually there were about three movies recorded on each VHS.

Here is a sample clip of one of the movies: The Happiest Millionaire. It's a scene me and my sisters acted out several times.


shaina said...

Of all the movies, I think Happiest Millionaire is my favorite. I try to introduce that to people every chance I get. I also love Wilderness Family, and our email was after the movie Savannah Smiles. Good times. My favorite trilogy is Back to the Future, and we love to watch Wilderness Family with the kids.

courtney said...

I wish they had that part in the play. I would have danced up a storm while singing Bi-um-pum-pum.

kdaygirl said...

I really like making mr right. I am sure that mom hadnt watched that movie before, because it was a little above out heads.
I just like John Malkovitch as an actor.
Savannah Smiles made me sad.
Wilderness family that was a good one.

Does anyone remeber a cartoon that we watched with fire birds and a girl with black hair singing and feeding babies? There was a song that I think went "Maria, Maria, La La La La La..... and thats all I remember of it. Maria may not even be her name.

courtney said...

What about the movie, "once upon a story. " it was on the same tape as Rumplestilskin, about the blonde sister and the dark haired sister and they had to get the gem necklace out of the water well and they entered a new kingdom.

Nan said...

Wow i dont remember any of these movies! I'm a little behind. Bex introduced Babes in Toyland to the girls a little bit ago. I tried to watch but it didn't hold my interest. I still like Scamper! Remember Scamper the penguin?

Jilian said...

Hey kdaygirl, The cartoon movie you are looking for is called "The Garnet Stone". Where a a gypsy woman marry's the beer maker and her gypsey daughter pushes his daughter (Maria) and dog (blue) down a well, into a strange land with talking toads, bread trains, and a house full of babies. I still have it on VHS and it remains one of my favorite cartoons to this day. :) Let me know if I can refresh your memory anymore about the movie.