Sunday, March 1, 2009

Follow the trail of....Earplugs?

This is a common site around our home:
I was doing laundry the other day and noticed about 3, or 4 of these ear plugs lying around our house in random places. These earplugs are what I use to sleep during the day (espcially in the summer when the pool is open, which is right outside my bedroom window... or when the lawnmower guy comes around.. etc) So you can find them all over as they have fell out of my ears and into the folds of my clothing, or out of my little pillow where I keep this essential sleep kit:
the mask and the earplugs. I have this little pillow that my mom gave me one year, as she had left if behind when she had stayed overnight with us. It was the perfect size and now I can't hardly sleep with out it. In it are several pairs of earplugs and my mask so I am always prepared.
As you can see it is half the size of a regular pillow. Derek has started to demand that he can't sleep with out it, or its really his pillow. It has a baby pillowcase on it, but it gives the perfect height for the neck, or as a pillow to hug.
Anyway, if you find an earplug, follow the trail and you'll find either this pillow, and/or me!


Valeri Crockett said...

Very funny Shav's! I have to put earplugs on during the day if I want a deep sleep nap. . .totally understand.

kdaygirl said...

I think that I need earplugs at night because my ears keep coming uncovered and these might help.
I am a super light sleeper too and these would also help drown out the noise.

Megs82 said...

Oh my gosh that totally reminds me of living at the 17th house. I would find earplugs all over the place!