Saturday, February 28, 2009

Before and After

My sister Rebekah stayed with me last night and we went and got out our hair cut. Here are the before and after pictures.

Us, sad that we had bad hair. The Before

Us, happy now that we had new haircuts, styled! The After. We both got bangs, though mine are gaping a little. I wanted something that even if I pull my hair back, that it will still look styled. And Bekah's hair looked really good. New haircuts are so much fun!


kdaygirl said...

Oh! They look so good. I like the dull before pictures, I think thats how you feel when your hair starts to get Blah. I think bangs must be coming back in style because I have seen alot of people with them.
I love the new cuts, very flattering!

Sharon said...

they are really cute, makes me want a haircut.... and maybe some cute bangs? you both look hot!

m.a. said...

Yay! bangs! you look really cute. :)

Jen and Joel said...

How fun. You both look really good.

Megs82 said...

Bangs are so in right now! You ladies look beautiful -- I loved the sad before picture. I don't know how you didn't crack up.