Friday, February 20, 2009

Makes Scents to me!

So the reason behind today's post all began with yesterday. I went in to get a massage (Derek's wonderful insurance covers like 14 massages a year, so I'm trying to take advantage of that...I know, it's great!) and had a different person. I had gotten a crick in my neck, and didn't want to wait until next week so I had the other person, Ashley. In walks a five foot nothing girl, and by looking at her you would never have been able to tell that she can turn coal into diamonds by the strength of her hands! She was a little more hard with her massage than I like, but it still felt good.
Anyway, in the room was an intoxicating scent that I gripped me right away. I asked her what it was and it was a tester scent of Archipelago Botanicals Pomegranate Citrus. I just could not get enough! It reminded me of when Derek and I were staying at Trump Tower (super discounted price of Hotwire...) when we were in Las Vegas this last fall. They also had a scent I couldn't get enough of, and this reminded me of that.
The best thing was was that they didn't have any more of the diffuser scents, so she sold me a tester candle for $5, rather than the normal candle price of like $20.
So, anyway it was a good day yesterday: I got a massage, though somewhat on the brutal side, and I found a scent that just resonates with me. Yay!


Queen of Chaos said...

Cool! A little lady with MAN hands, huh? That's funny.

That scent does sound like it would smell divine.

shaina said...

Heath wants me to get a massage, but I'm so ticklish, that I can't even stand for heath to try to massage me. Nope. It's just not for me, but I'm happy you found a short tiny woman to do it for you, and that you found a favorite scent!