Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Spokane Inheritance...

Meet: The Cozy Corner Chair

It has been owned by four different siblings in the Spokane area.

It all began with Shaina giving it to Rebekah when they moved. Then, Bekah gave it to us sometime along the way. Now, we are passing it on to Ian.

We didn't have it tied to the bottom piece, so you always had to be careful when you sat in it. You could end up on the floor.
One time we had Bekah's kids over and since we dont' have any toys we were trying to be creative in our play. One game we played was, "Caged Animal". We took the cushion off the bowl part and turned it upside down over them on the floor. They liked it for about 5 seconds, then wanted to come out. I wish we had taken a picture, it was so funny!

So long Cozy Corner Chair!

Meet our new chair....

We have been talking about getting a lazy-boy type recliner off and on for the last few years. Well, we were wondering around in Costco and this one called to us.
It is Sooooooo comfortable. We really like it. It is our first real furniture purchase, other than our mattress (also from costco).

Me, breaking it in. Yup, it's gonna work out just fine!

I also wanted to show this little guy off. I just finished knitting this up, and thought he turned out pretty cute. The name of the pattern is Bobbi Bear
(notice it's on the cozy chair!)


Deans said...

Nice Chair! It's always nice to have new furniture! It looks like you'll have no problem breaking it in though! I like your little dude you made! Good job!

~ Cami

shaina said...

Hope Ian puts the chair to good use. Love your new chair. Looks groovy. The bear is adorable!! Can't wait to try to make one myself.

m.a. said...

Oh my gosh, you knitted that?!? it's so adorable!

Jen and Joel said...

I cannot believe that you can make things out of yarn. It always seems to amaze me. You did a great job.

Megs82 said...

Haha love the pictures to chronicle the story of the chair. And I can't believe you knitted that thing! Is there anything you can't do????

melissahurst99 said...

I love the chair!! How much did it cost, if you don't mind me asking?! All you Weber's are always so creative! I never do anything crafty!