Monday, February 16, 2009

Speaking of Reality TV...

Many of you are, I'm sure, excited this past week because two Fav shows started back up again: Survivor and The Amazing Race. Derek doesn't usually watch either shows, but I convinced him it would be more fun to pick people and root for them, and because he would be competing against me, he agreed.
Usually when I pick people for these kind of shows I try to analyze if they're going to win purely from looking at their faces. I like making the totally blind picks. I don't even want to know their profession, because then it can sway my decision, like if they are a fireman, or a "gamer". So of course many of Derek's choices were becuase a girl was "Hot".
So, here are our choices:
Amazing Race-
Derek- Cara and Jaime (Professional Cheerleaders...), Jennifer and Preston (first to be voted out!)
Shavonne - Tammy and Victor, Lakisha and Jennifer ( I picked siblings, they usually know how to work things out)

Derek - Erinn, Tyson, Benjamin (Coach), JT
Shavonne - Candace, JT, Brendan, Carolina (First out :( I thought it so lame she was voted out instead of Sandy. First, Sandy is just wierd, and two, she's right, they do need a shelter! First rain they all will be complaining about being wet! But i'm not biased...)

Anyway, it should be a fun season. Derek said it was much more fun to watch when you're rooting for someone. I was glad one of his was out in Amazing Race, to make up for mine in Survivir. But I know you all are on my side, right?


Queen of Chaos said...

I'm following both seasons this time. {Thanks to the wonderful DVR.} Both shows seem like they're gonna be great. I haven't decided who I'd like to win either yet. I want to get to know the participants a little better.

I think they started off 'Survivor' with complete brutality! Yikes, poor people having to HIKE for 4 hours. That just sucks.

Jen and Joel said...

I totally miss our survivor parties. I am voting for the southern boy (cannot remember his name of hand).

shaina said...

I'm so excited these shows are on as well. Love watching them!

Megs82 said...

Okay so I watched the Oscars on Sunday and I totally thought of you and Rachel. I was just picturing you watching the red carpet yelling at Jeff Probst. Good times! I'm glad that you are still following your reality TV shows.

Rachel said...

I also miss our Survivor parties, and picking people and crossing them out as they are out. I haven't seen Survivor in awhile, so I have no picks, but just the memories bring me joy.