Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekly Update

Quatro: that's how many times I worked out this week. Just reporting to all my peeps! But I will admit that today I did only half of my workout. I usually go through it twice, but I didn't have alot of time. I allowed myself to sleep in a little more since I would be up so much longer. After working a 12 hour night shift, I won't be able to sleep right away bcause of church at 9. anyway, another week ahead of me, and I'll do my full workout!


Queen of Chaos said...

I'd like the number 4 to be your favorite number when it comes to working out, you hear?

You can go, fight win!

Tiffiny said...

You're doing great with your workouts!

I've been trying to workout more. As much as a one year old will allow. I've had some success with the Wii Fit. We got it for Christmas. You do weigh ins and it tracks the activities you do, plus you can log in workouts that aren't part of the Wii. It has yoga (my fave), strength training, and fun aerobics and balance games that actually make working out enjoyable. Just a thought if you need some variety.