Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Husband!!!!!

Today is Derek's 26th birthday, and so I wanted to post about him. Unfortuantely, we both had to work and because of our upcoming cruise (5 more days!), neither one of us wanted to ask for more vacation days. So we had an abbreviated celebration. Last night we had his birthday dinner, Steak (of course. This man craves steak at least once a week!) and grilled veggies and I made him a cake. It was suppose to be a suprise to have it last night. I made the cake the night before while he was at work, and was working on assembling it after cleaning up after dinner, when he got curious what I was doing and came around the corner of the kitchen while I was lighting the candles still. Oops. Then this morning, I got up early and made breakfast for him, and was going to give it to him in bed, when again he woke up and wondered what I was doing, when I was just about to finish. So much for the suprise!
I started uploading some of his pictures growing up, because as with most of us those pictures are in boxes. I wanted to have a record of those pictures, so his mom was kind enough to lend me whatever I wanted. Well, there is not an easy, or quick process to upload pictures, its actually quite tedious, so I only have done a few so far, and here they are. I think he's a very cute kid, and makes an even cuter man (that's right, I said CUTE!)

he's playing with star wars figurines... the Leah one looks like a colored Oscar at first!

Such a cute picture- the balls bigger than he is!

He's the one in front

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, on his shirt and cake... think he liked them?

Yesterday. I didn't have enough candles, so it is the outline of 26. Happy Birthday, Babe, I love you!


Sharon said...

i love the basketball picture the most, so CUTE:) what a great guy!

shaina said...

That's great! I'm sure you can celebrate tons on your cruise!! Happy Birthday Derek!

Jen and Joel said...

You are so nice to make him a cake, and it looked great. joel would kill me if I put pictures of him up on our blog of him growing up. Derek is a good sport.

courtney said...

Happy Birthday Derek!! I hope it was a good day!

Sharon said...

no it wasn't me, but you can knit me some sharon booties if you want