Friday, July 10, 2009

4 years old, already

Just wanted to post real quick about our anniversary that we'll celebrate next week. Four years ago on July 16, 2005 I married the best man in the world. He has made me so happy, and I love every minute we spend together. We married in the temple so that we can be married not only until death, but after death also. What could be greater than being with your family forever? Anyway, here's to four years and still going strong!

Our engagement picture

I wore my mom's dress, which I thought it was very beautiful. It's something I'll cherish. Sorry I didn't show a better picture of the dress.

I guess this picture shows some of the dress, but I was posted it so one of my co-workers could see how my hair was done, we were having a discussion on it. My sister Courtney did a swirl-frenchbraid. Very painful for my sensitive head but worth the look. Thanks Corks!


Mags said...

I didn't know that it was your mom's dress. That is awesome and it was gorgeous too.

kdaygirl said...

I loved that dress too! Amazing that I had never seen it before, not until mom said I could wear it. Very Classic and pretty!

Valeri Crockett said...

Wow, time does fly! I remember that day. You were GORGEOUS and still are. Love you!


Happy 4th!

Jen and Joel said...

Congrats! Have fun on your cruise!

Rachel said...

I love the wedding pics. . . takes me back to the good old roommate days just prior to the wedding.

courtney said...

I tried to be as soft as I could while doing your hair! I thought it turned out really pretty!

I wish I had worn mom's dress!