Monday, February 8, 2010

Our "Kids"

Ok, here are some pictures of our most recent kitten: Snoball. She is a very loving, and dependent little thing. She would sit in your lap all day long if you would let her. And although this is nice when you're sitting there, when you're just sitting for a second and she jumps on your lap its a little bit of a nuisance. She is also VERY vocal! She meows loudly (must be the part Siamese in her). She meows when you're petting here, she meows when you stop, she meows when she's playing with Mitch... You get it. And, once they got used to each other, they are now BFF's.
Keeping my vest warm for me... Caught You!

Here you can see a little more why we called her Snoball. She's like dirty and clean snow all mixed up together. And you can't see it, but she has very light blue eyes.

Being a princess. BTW this is the pillow my little friend Mary made for me. We have the same birthday and we always give gifts to each other. She is mentally disabled, and gives the best gifts. This one she embroidered everything on the pillow, and I know she worked hard on it.

Don't worry... he was being supervised while playing with this bag. I love this picture of Mitch.


shaina said...

I like the pictures. I'm sure they are lots of fun. Maybe some day I will meet them.

Sharon said...

cute, she's pretty! Poor me, I'll never have a kitty!

Queen of Chaos said...

Pretty kitties. :) I think it's funny Snoball meows all time. Our old Simease kitty did the same thing. We heart cats too.

We had a white Siamese kitty named Linden awhile ago but our HOA Pres. made us get rid of her cause she liked to go sleep on everyone's cars in our cul-de-sac when she went outside. We were soooo sad we had to get rid of her.

When our mean HOA Pres. moved we got another kitty. He is black and white- we named him Tux.

~ Megan ~ said...

Love the pictures of the kids! I'm glad they get along : )

kdaygirl said...

I love, love, love cats. Pearl is sitting on my laptop, in the way of course, helping me type. I just love it!

Tiffiny said...

What a cute kitten! That's great that the two get along.