Thursday, March 11, 2010

Runner's... High?

To me, the runner's high is kind of out there, like Big Foot, or the Loch Ness Monster. Not something I've ever experienced, and hard for me to imagine. I think only marathon runners get it, after they've run for like 5 hours... then I think it's really delirium.
I've often wished i was a runner. It seems like an easy, and effective way to exercise. By easy, I mean convenient, cheap, and available. But I've never gotten very far in my quest to be a runner. Anyway, once again I decided to give it a go. And I've decided to blog about it in hopes it will keep me accountable. For the last two months I've been working out 6/7 days (Sundays off) but not much has happened in the body department (partly because I'm inconsistent in my workouts, and partly because of what I eat...) so in the constant effort to look better, I found this training schedule:
It's a running program for beginners that seemed doable. It starts out nice and slow.
For Day 1 (today):
One Walk 10 minutes. Next 6 minutes alternate running 1 minute and walking 1 minute. Walk 4 minutes. Stretch.

Alright, so I've got day one down. I'd appreciate any kind of comments and support to keep me on. If all goes well... in 6 weeks I'll be a runner!


shaina said...

I, too, suffer from the "I'm not a runner" syndrome. Quite frankly, I've been ok with that. Never liked it in HS, when we were forced to run. Don't like it now.

Good for you for having a goal. Hope you succeed!! I'm anxious to follow through with you and see what happens.

~ Megan ~ said...

A runner's high is real! It's been SOOOO long since I've actually had one though lol. If you ever want to run together, I down! I usually run at Hart Field on 37th/Grand by my house. I'm excited now that it's starting to warm up a bit!

Sharon said...

I really don't like to run, it must be a family thing. I don't see any joy in it, well, except for the sweet body runners have, good luck!!

Jenny said...

This sounds like fun! I need to exercise more so I think I'll do this with you. Thanks for the link Shavonne, and good luck!

The Black's said...

Oh i love to will end up enjoying it....and get some good tunes to listen to while you run....that is what motivated me to go out everyday....i would make a new mix and it would get me excited to go....and once i was out and after about a mile....i felt so good! (if that is what the runners high is) if you work at it it will become enjoyable....i promise. i even trained for a 1/2 and never thought i is possible for everyone....i am so jealous!!!! someday after these babies i guess. miss ya!