Friday, March 12, 2010

Day two

Well, on Day two of the running program it says "strenth training". I have a full day today, so I just finished a Pilates video here at home. If I have time tonight, I want to get to the gym to do a real strength training workout, but it's probly not going to happen. Derek's brother returned home from his mission last night, and this weekend is pretty full of things with the Wood family. As for today, I am going to a felt party at Bek-Bek-Bekah's (my sister) then the rest of the day is devoted to the Wood's: We're going to the Temple, then Devon will be released from being a missionary, (Go to if you have any questions) then a family dinner. Should be a good day.


kdaygirl said...

yea you blogged! Have missed you.

When I run in the morning its more like run 3 walk 3, then I take it up to run 5 walk 3. Kinda the same but it does work well. I would love to get that "runners high" as well but I am begining to think its a myth!

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

I have wanted to do the whole running thing too. I looked into doing the couch to 5 K thing and actually I think that I might since the weather is getting to be so great. I love you thanks for supporting me and my felt party, It is nice to know that someone who says is gonna come actually does. And you are my sister which makes it even better that you come because I love hanging out with you.

shaina said...

Sounds like a fun reunion weekend! Have a great time!