Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day Three

Ok, for today my little chart said to:
Walk for 10 mintues, Next 8 min alternate running 1 minute and walking 1 minute. Walk 2 minutes, stretch.

I did this (whoa, 4 minutes of running!) then a weight routine for another 20 minutes. It was a good workout. By the end of 6 weeks I'm suppose to be able to run for 30 minutes straight... Hmm, we'll see! Thanks for everyone's support!


Queen of Chaos said...

You can do it! The key word is: YOU!. A routine and accountability will help you tremendously. Glad you found a cool site to help you.

I think people who run are great but it's so not for me. Plus these boobs fly EVERYWHERE if I matter what kind of support bra I use. It's rather annoying, really.

Keep it up! Even if you have days that aren't productive...just pick yourself up the following day to get back to the grind. ;)

courtney said...

I think that is awesome that you want to start running. I've heard that this program is actually really really good and you continue to burn calories running this way than just a straight 30 minute run!

Something that I think is huge in accomplishing your goal is to pray! It's not something that you would usually think about doing, but praying to Heavenly Father to help you accomplish this goal makes all the difference!

Lora Hilliard said...

Keep up the good work! A healthy lifestyle is worth all the effort in the long run. You're my hero of the day (I failed at getting my workout in).