Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Crafts, etc.

Ok, so I know its been a long time since I posted anything, but here is what I have been working on- Christmas presents! Now I can post about them. This is a heavy picture post!

First, Derek and I had my brother Ian, and his wife Karissa for Christmas this year, and it was their first Christmas together since they've been married. I wanted to do something special for them, and that hopefully they can use for many Christmases to come so I made them Christmas Stockings:

Next, for my mother-in-law, Cheryl I made linen and Christmas napkins. She always has such a beautifully set table (see end of post) and usually has paper napkins so I thought I'd make her something fitting for her table.

Christmas Tree napkins.

For my mom I made a felted hat. She had asked me to make her one a long time ago. This was my first time making a felted project and it was very funny (and a bit worrisome) to see how giant you make it, then it shrink/felts in the washer. Here's Derek modeling the pre-felted hat:

Look at how big it is compared to his head!

I forgot to get a picture of it on my mom, but here is a pic I took with my cell phone to show to my sister.

I made ornaments for my co-workers and friends. I thought they turned out cute!

Then, maybe my craftiness wore off onto the Husband, because he made this Awesome cookbook for his mom, with no help from me. He took her favorite and most used recipes and crafted this:

He went to Michael's and picked out the supplies, and got to work printing the recipes onto pretty paper, and cutting it down to size, gluing, and inserting into the page protectors. He did really well (though I'm not gonna lie- he left a big mess...) and was happy to make his mom tear up when she opened his present.

Here is the table set just before Christmas dinner. Isn't it pretty? The Wood's have invited my family over for Christmas dinner several years now, and its great to be able to celebrate with both my families.

I got a picture of my niece Baili making a hat for her sister with a Nifty Knitter loom that she got that morning for Christmas... Makes me happy to see another generation crafting away!

Last of all, here are the new Fiesta dishes I got from Derek and his mom. I love all the bright colors, and the variety!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones!


shaina said...

First of all, I love all your craftiness. How did you do the swirls on the stockings, and the napkins are a great idea. I did some christmas tree napkins a few years ago, but yours look so much better. Could you copy your half circle and mail it to me?
Fiesta dishes...yay!
The hat looks amazing, and way to go Derek on the cookbook!!

{ Megan } said...

Wow you're so talented! I love it!

Queen of Chaos said...

Really awesome, Shavonne!! You did good work! I like all the neat things you made. :)

courtney said...

Those stockings really are cool, of course, now when they have kids you are bound to make each one of hte little kids one too! I end up giving those as baby shower gifts though!

I like the neck warmer, but you shouldn't give it to nan cause it will hide her beautiful exotic feature...the mole!