Monday, April 18, 2011

16 Weeks, or 4 Months

Well, I reached a new month, and am loving it. I am 16 weeks along now and starting to have a more prominent belly. I especially feel in the last week that it has really started sticking out more. I am still wearing regular clothing, but just a little bigger in size to allow for that inbetween regular clothing and maternity clothing stage.

I feel good. I dont have any nausea anymore. Just sometimes I'll lose interest in what I'm eating, but I don't get sick. And more importantly I am wanting to eat just about everything again. So unfortunately sweets are back on the menu. I'm really trying to moderate it though... somewhat!
I first felt the baby move on the day I turned 14 weeks, at 8:24 am, actually. The reason I know the exact time is because I has just rolled over to look at the time to decide if I wanted to get up then to go to the bathroom, or sleep in a little longer, depending on the time. Then I felt a little flop, and a little wiggle that felt totally foreign and realized the baby had just moved! It was soooooo cool and made me so happy :) I haven't felt it everyday since then, but every few days I'll feel it again. I have to be really paying attention (I think of it like trying to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost... very subtle and if there are other things going on, you might miss it).
In two weeks I have another appointment with my midwives and at that appointment we will get to schedule the ultrasound to see how the baby is doing and find out what we are having- Yay!

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Jenny said...

How exciting! You are such a beautiful little pregnant lady!!!