Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Updated Pregnancy pictures

Ok, here are some overdue pregnancy pictures. I just haven't liked how they have turned out so I haven't been good about putting them up. But, I do want to show the progression of the Belly, so here are a few decent ones.
19 Weeks. Just after we found out we were having a boy.
Here I am at 22 weeks, after church.

This picture is taken about 6 days later, I am about 23 weeks. See how he has grown in just that small amount of time!
Actually, now that I'm looking at them again maybe you won't think there's that much difference, but believe me, he is getting bigger.
I have been feeling great. No real pregnancy complaints. Life is good :)


shaina said...

Fantastic! You'll be glad you took these, and he will goo!!

courtney said...

I wish I had taken more pictures of me pregnant even though I felt like I looked really yucky but now I look back and think I wasn't too bad, so keep on taking pictures, just like Shaina said, you will be happy you did!