Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My Awesome sister, Rebekah had a birthday a bit ago and we celebrated by going to Polka-Dot Pottery. I had seen at a craft fair in December a Birthday plate and got this idea to do something similiar and start a tradition in my own family. I wanted to make a birthday plate and then who's ever birthday it is gets to use for the day (obviously we'd wash it alot that day). Rebekah also thought it was a fun idea so we each created one.

Here is Rebekah, looking so cute :) I realized I didnt' get any pictures of myself in this activity, but I was there!
This is my plate, Before
My plate, After.
Rebekah's plate, Before.
Rebekah's plate, After. Sorry the picture quality isn't super great.
It was interesting seeing the color difference of before and after. Everything was so pastel and they stressed the importance of doing three coats of every color to get it to show up fully. It was lots of fun, and I only wish it was more affordable to do everyday!

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