Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Misc. pictures

Ok, I'm trying to catch up a little with my blog and so there is going to be alot of pictures added (and on facebook, so you can look at those too if you're interested). Of course, we have taken a Bajillion pictures of Sam, so I just chose a few to show.

Here he is in another before church picture. I think he looks so dapper! I had my finger in front of the flash, so the lighting is goofy, but you can still see all the cuteness! This is when he is about a month old and just starting to give smiles.

He's gonna hate these pictures, but he's got new parents that think everything he does is cute, even just sitting there in too big clothes, or naked in the bathtub! Sorry for the overload of new mommy love, can't help it. ;)
Lovin' his bath, and modestly covered...
Another costume for Halloween- a little monster. Very cute and warm for when we went outside. It wasn't that cold so he didn't get to wear it very often :(


Sharon said...

Sam is just so cute!

shaina said...

very cute, and I recognize the church outfit! Yay!