Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We had a great Thanksgiving. We had my parents, my sister Rebekah and her boyfriend John, and our friends Amber and Aaron over for Thanksgiving dinner. The food was awesome and plentiful, and the company was excellent!
I didn't have any special Thanksgiving clothes for Samuel, so I made one up real quick the night before. It's pretty cheap, but I actually ended up liking it quite a bit.
The back of his onsie says, "Gobble 'til you Wobble"
On the front I drew a goofy turkey. It wasn't my best work, and I'm not an artist, but I liked it. This picture I think is funny because Derek caught Sam right when he was spitting up. And I didn't realize until I took a closer look that it was RIGHT when he was spitting up, as in you can see it in the picture by his left cheek!
These next few pictures Derek took of him remind me of the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes where it has a bunch of goofy close-ups of him making alot of faces. At the end of the strip you see his parents looking at what turned out to be his school pictures! haha, I love Calvin & Hobbes!

haha, they crack me up!


Sharon said...

Cute, its fun to make stuff your your baby

shaina said...

great picture! Love the Calvin look-alike pictures!