Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Random Samuel pictures

Ah, my sweet little boy. I love this picture, but I wish his ear wasn't bent... I just want to fix it everytime I see it!
All dressed up for church. He looks so handsome in his church clothes!
He has recently discovered his thumb and the joys of sucking on it. I adore seeing him suck on it, but am trying to make myself make him stop. I have seen how difficult it can be when they are older to get them to stop so I'm trying to forget the cuteness and be more disciplined in stopping it and encouraging the pacifier. It's been hard. Last night we put socks on his hands, besides swaddle them tight by his sides and he managed to loose his arms, and get that sock off. I found him contentedly sucking away on his thumb in the morning. Little Houndini!

I just love how alert and engaging he is in this picture.


shaina said...

what a cutie. I love those sleeping pictures.

Sharon said...

He's already naughty! But seriously too cute, you can't stay mad at him..