Thursday, October 30, 2008

Final Leg of the journey

Ok everyone, thanks for being so patient with me while waiting for all the different parts of our trip. The last leg was from Zion's National park up through Southern Utah, through Bryce Canyon and to Spanish Fork where we stayed a few nights with Kimmie, my sister. From there we went straight home. We had an incredible time and saw so many wonderful things, but we were glad to get home by that last day. Bryce Canyon really was a nice ending to our trip. It has this canyon, filled with these stone formations called "Hoodoo's" It's a fun word to say!

The colors were so vibrant, but here you have the red and white sand, with the changing trees. Very pretty.

It had just finished a downpour, that we barely missed, as you can see by Derek's hat and sweatshirt.

Me, Bryce Canyon, and the hoodoos :)

the next few pictures are on the highway to join back up with the interstate. As you can see through this whole trip, everything we saw was so varied.

This was kind of odd, these trees grew in clumps like this. Sometimes the highway went right through it and leaves are only in the top few feet, otherwise this tall, bare trunk.

Near the end of our trip we saw this rainbow. We truly were blessed with a safe, fun, peaceful time together, and we have such a greater appreciation for all of the beauty God created in this world for our enjoyment and happiness!


shaina said...

I think your trip was so fantastic!! Thanks for sharing. If you turn your blog into a book, you've got an instant "scrapbook" of your trip!! Go to BLURB to check it out.

Valeri Crockett said...

I love Bryce Canyon! I'm glad you guys had such a safe wonderful trip. I can't believe all the thing's that you did!!!!