Thursday, October 9, 2008

What happens in Vegas, stays in vegas...

Next stop: Las Vegas! I had been there before, but this was Derek's first time there. We decided to make it legal and our first stop was a wedding chapel! Actually, it was closed but we still somehow got the angle right when we took this picture. I like Derek's cheesy grin!
We stayed about 2/3 up the strip, and walked everywhere. Man, you don 't realize how far everything is! It looks close because everything is oversized and lit up, but it is almost 7 miles from top to the bottom of the LV strip! We walked constantly those two days we were there. My feet were begging for mercy. The second day we got a monorail ticket, but it only helped slightly because the rail was behind the lots, which were ginormous, and only connected you every third hotel or so. Anyway it was fun, but to overstimulated for me. I was glad it was only two days that we spent there. After awhile they all look the same.

This was in Caesar's palace, the forum shops. That was pretty cool to walk through. It was like an underground Huge mall, but the ceilings were painted like the sky. It had alot of cool shops but nothing that we could ever spend from. Places like Tiffinay's, Hugo Boss, Michael Kors, Armani, etc. But it was fun to look.

There was a car show in the Imperial Palace that had alot of cool classic cars in it, and this one i really liked. It was pink all over!

In the M&M World. I'd heard of the wall of all different color's of m&m's. Well, here it is! Very cool to look at, but it was expensive, like $10/lb or something crazy.

WE did love our hotel though! We stayed at Trump Tower hotel (which didn't have a casino in it, bonus). We got a good deal through It was a fabulous room. they just opened up this last April, so it still had the feeling of newness. Good times!


shaina said...

Very cool. I've never been there. You sure do figure out all the cool places to go. How'do ya do that, anyway?

Shavonne said...

Well, initially the plan was to go to San Francisco, and to drive there so we could drive down the Oregon coast. Then we thought maybe we could go to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon also. Then we sort of filled in the gaps, getting ideas from a book we have that tells about Scenic trips and roads to take in the US.
And that's how it happened!

kdaygirl said...

That underground mall looks cool. I thought it was a shot of outside until u said it was painted. We have been to Vegas a few times and never liked it. Way to busy and crowded and not to mention EXPENSIVE! People will actually buy M&Ms for $10 a pound.. Thats just crazy!

Queen of Chaos said...

Great pictures. :) Glad you had a fun time.

We've been to Vegas several times- we always find something neat and fun to see. There's SO much there! If you can get past some of those nasty billboards and adds...there really are some awesome sights and things to do as a family. Even the Vegas temple.

The Black's said...

I have loved looking at all your pictures from your trip! So Fun!! I love road trips....they are the best. I cannot believe I have made it this far shavonne.....It is such a miracle. Thanks for all your sweet e-mails. I will keep you posted on what happens.