Sunday, June 14, 2009

Catch up

Here are some pictures I've been meaning to post, so I'll just try to catch up the last couple months. They uploaded in reverse order, and I didnt' feel like moving them all, so just skip to the bottom and work your way up...

Yay for parades and family!

I'm thinking Arby's! Can you see it?

I liked this car. You couldn't get away with this flamboyancy in real life!

My brother Ian is an awesome DJ, and this is his call name, or business name: DJ iWeb.

this is one of my favorite pictures, an action picture of Baili playing Hopscotch. Ah, a return to the old school games, and not needing an video game to entertain ourselves!

On thing, I love about parades is the sense of community, and how its like the rest of the world stops. I love being able to walk and play on the streets. It's like having the rules lift for a time, like you're doing something wrong, but not really.

Kristen with her butterfly. I think she got tired of pictures, because she started hiding her face from the camera.

The girls went and saw their dad, who had a face painter. Baili posed so well, I love the pictures of her with her face painted. You can see the button the "Princesses" gave her.

Ian, Kristen, and his fantastic girlfriend, Brianne. She's a sweetheart

We saw some princesses from Davenport, and the Girls went crazy of them! It was so cute, Kristen kept wanting to touch their dresses. they were sweet enough to take pictures with them, and they gave them a button with their pictures on it.

Speaking of Lilacs, the rest of the pictures are from when Rebekah, Nancy, Ian, his girlfriend Brianne, and Rebekah's two girls and I all went to the Lilac parade. It was alot of fun, and great to be with my family. Of course, whenever I can get someone to go with me, I try to go Letterboxing, and there were two at Riverfront park. So we took the girl's "Treasure Hunting". Here's Baili pulling out a box we found.

I love the Lilac bushes as they start blooming. they are so pretty, and smell so good.
The flowers are called Pocketbook Flowers. don't they just look like a cute purse?

Last month, in May we took some pictures of the blooming flowers at Manito park. Here are some of them.

On an overlook about to leave the park. We stopped here to find a Letterbox. YOu can see some of rock formations of GOG, and in the back is Pike's Peak.

It made me want to go rock climbing, which I"ve never done.

This is from the Girl's weekend we had in April (see, I"m way behind!) where most of the girls in my family came together, plus Bethany, our good friend. Shaina has already done a good job at posting what went on that weekend, so I'll let you go here to get the full info: We are hiking in The Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs, CO. It was a beautiful park, and I'm glad we got to go. Sharon (& Jayners) and I stayed a few days extra, with Shaina's family.


Me and My Girls said...

Oh I am so glad that you posted these pictures. I forgot that I hve some of these as well. I love the actio pic of Baili and the arbys pic of kristen. I love our family.

Sharon said...

sweet catch up! it sounds fun, i miss washington

The Black's said...

fun pics...had so much fun looking at all of them! you guys have so much fun!!!!!