Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weber Family Reunion

Well it's that time of year again friends... "What time is it? Family reunion time!" Derek and I have been in Utah since Thursday, we left from Spokane at 2:00am to get there, what a drive! We set up our tent in the backyard of my brother's house, and got ready for an awesome weekend. We went up to "the canyon," and it was so pretty, I can't even describe it, I also got a little burned... but totally worth it. Then on Saturday we had a chance to go to the temple together, take a swim, and have a talent show! (I made up a pretty good stage crew, I was in charge of bubbles, and made a special appearance with my sister Rebekah in her talent) Then today we took some family pictures, went to church, made dinner, had a gift exchange (I won the bag I wanted), had a great family discussion, and played some guitar hero, I ROCK! But the best thing about the whole weekend was seeing my little sister Sharon, she's awesome! (Kidding, Sharon is actually typing this... with little to no supervision from Shavonne) anyways, enjoy the pictures, and I make a vow to update more often, maybe after our cruise, or the summer, or Christmas... for reals!

an action shot (I was playing kickball)

Going to the temple

The whole family, minus a brother and family

Giving Derek "the look"

My sweet husband and me!

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shaina said...

Hope you guys have a safe trip back home. Love you!