Thursday, August 27, 2009

I must be the favorite daughter....

Ok this post will be "dedicated" to my sisters. They will be very interested in the contents of this box: There were a few items that we all remember playing with as kids. Now that we are older, and having families of our own we want to have the same toys for our kids to play with. The only problem... there are 7 girls, and one set of toys! There was some question as to who had those prototypes, because my mom didn't know where they were. The problem is: were they lost in storage, or where they being hoarded by a sister? Well, the mystery is solved. This last week I asked several of the sisters if they had these particular wooden dolls. All said no, and that they wanted to make them. Today I went to visit my parents and did a little investigating with the help of the youngest sister, Nancy, and... Voila! The "lost" dolls were found!

I nabbed these little beauties so I could take pictures for posterity, and so the other sisters would know how to make them (BTW I found a paper pattern for making them so I'll make some copies for you girls...) I know they will all be so glad they are found again!

See how cute they are? The clothes are made out of felt, and the underwear of the dollies has some velcro to help them stick. We used to have alot of fun with these!

As another little tidbit, I also happen to be in possession of the finger puppets too. These are the original versions our mom made. See Shaina's post here about them:
Mom gave me both to "take care of" for a bit... Looks like I'm the favorite daughter!


shaina said...

Mom wouldn't ever let us touch them.

Sharon said...

jeleous. but i'm glad they are safe

courtney said...

Cool! And someday, I will get us all our Christmas stockings! Mom was going to give me mine two years ago but they couldn't find the box and Santa had to put stuff in bowls that year.

Me and My Girls said...

Yay I am glad that they were found. And they look like new. I am excited to get a copy of the pattern so hat we can make them. I just loved those dolls!

kdaygirl said...

I wish I had the apple paddle to do a post on...please come home to me wherever you are!

L said...

It is amazing to me how the story changes from my house to just down the road. That is why I started making you all check it out on the "Check out Cards"

When the "Recall" of all events happen, you are going to remember that you were told to "Bring it back", then you'll be sorry for stealing my toys and causing jealous contention in our family and feelings of unlovedness.

Shavrek is going to repair them, but I still own them, and the puppets too. By the way if you took the Apple paddle from your sister, give it back, stealing is wrong!

We retrieved the Stockings this last year. And it was I that told the girls some places to look for the Paper dolls though I freely admit, my mind is sometimes feeble.

Moral of the story. Don't belive every thing you read and return what you borrow in a timely manner. If you keep it too long your gain an artificial feeling of ownership! Thou shalt not covet or steal.